Why Indonesian Products?

Indonesia is located in tropical area andthen there are plenty of natural-resources that can make food more delicious, aromatic, healthy and can be added on any foreign cuisine around the world.
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Kafir Lime Powder
Fresh Potato
Dried Celery Flakes
Wheat Flour
Desicated Coconuts
Alaban Charcoal
Coconut Shisha Charcoal

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Indonesian agriculture are present into various kinds. The spices for example, spices is the riches of Indonesia. There are ginger, turmeric, pepper, cinnamon, vanilla, cardanom, and so on. Everyone around the world hunts spices for meal or just increase their immune. In another, Indonesia has also […]
Wheat flour can be divided into low protein, medium protein, and high protein . Sometimes we get confused what should we choose although percentage of protein is included on each products. Types of flour very influential for baking. If bake same cake with different types of […]
Kaffir lime leaves are originated from a tropical country like Indonesia. This is green and smells good, very aromatic, and good for health. Many asian countries use this spice as traditional food. This can be added on several food and drink. This is great for spicy […]

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