Kaffir lime leaves are originated from a tropical county like Indonesia. This is green and smells good. People usually add it into soup, curry, stir fry, and salad. This leaf also appears on powder. This contains many benefits for our bodies. Here is the description of the nutrition.

1. Kaffir Lime Leaves Keeps Mouth Healthy

Kaffir lime leaves can keep our mouth clean by making it liquid and then spread into the gums. Journal named Nutrition, this extract can obstruct bacteria S. Mutants. These leaves can prevent some microorganisms grow and reduce dental caries risk.

2. This Leaves Reduce Inflammation

It also has terpenoids which part of the antioxidant so they can reduce inflammation. According to Biosciences Biotechnology Research Asia, It is anticancer on the cervix, against breast and prostate cancer cells, and has antibacterial activity against respiratory tract pathogens. Besides that, scientists need further research to see how effective it is.

3. Maintain Hair’s Health

These leaves can make our hair strong and free from dandruff. For men, this can make hair bald slower. This benefit can be done by mix this leaf with liquid lime. And then spread that to hair’s skin and hair. Both kaffir leaf and liquid lime can make hair glow.

4. Make Our Hair Free from Lice

Lice on hair can cause itchy. Besides that, this itchy can spread and contagious easily. This leaf can prevent our hair from lice. The liquid which contains extract kaffir lime and its leaf can be a treatment of natural hair. Many people have assured this liquid can kill lice’s eggs and parasites. Some manufacturers use it as the core ingredient of shampoo.

5. Create Relax Condition

Relax condition causes good sleep and prevents any disease. Because kaffir lime leaf contains a relaxing scent that pampers mind and body. There is comfortable feeling around it. We can make this by cut the leaf into pieces and then soak with water for one hour. This spread can make us feels calm.

Source: hellosehat.com

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