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Get to Know 3 Types of Wheat Flour

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Wheat flour can be divided into low protein, medium protein, and high protein . Sometimes we get confused what should we choose although percentage of protein is included on each products. Types of flour very influential for baking. If bake same cake with different types of flour, each cake will have different texture and taste.

And also, unfortunately, some people cannot eat some types of it because their immune is not recognize some substances. So we have to choose carefully what is the best product of wheat flour and the best for us.

Here is some decriptions further.

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Low Protein Flour (~7% of Protein)

Low protein flour is based on wheat with smooth mill procedure and then contains low gluten and low absorption of water. This flour has low protein and goes through the bleaching process. That’s why this kind of flour is crisp, fragile, and easy to break. This flour has small particle and looks like silk. This is important to makee smooth and flatten cake. We can store low protein flour for long time. If we add more sugar than this flour, this is can hold to expand, not easy to break, and not dried.

We can choose this for biscuit, pastry, and fried foods. Examples of traditional food from Australia : Anzac Biscuits, Iced VoVo

Medium Protein Flour (~9% of Protein)

Medium protein flour is soft, slightly expand. This is also called all-purpose flour. Because we can use this flour for food with high and low elasticity. This is also makes food crispy. Foods which suitable for this flour is cake, pancake, waffle, and kaastangel. Foods which can be added to : Lamington cake

High Protein Wheat Flour (~12.5% of Protein)

This comes from wheat with hard mill procedure. High gluten flour is a high protein flour, but not all high protein flour are high glutens. In fact, some flour are made from chickpeas, soy or fava beans. High percentage of gluten cause flour absorps water highly. So, this is high elasticity. We can but it for making noodles, bread, hot dog and so on. This is not compactible for pastry and muffin because high gluten makes cake tougher. We can use this for Fairy Bread.

Here is visual comparison to compare those 3 kinds of flour.

Visual Comparison of Flours via Youtube

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