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Gives New Hope : Indonesia is Getting Overwhelm Export Order

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Textile Factories Gets New Opportunity during Covid-19 Pandemic via CNBC Indonesia

Indonesia economy is growing right now after 1,5 years economy was getting worse and worse. That time, companies had to lay off many employers and labors. Now, some of them have to find new labor to fulfil many orders suddenly.

Two textile factories in Indonesia gets overwhelmed order during second wave Covid-19 in Vietnam and other countries. One factory is Global Indointimates or GI in Klaten, Central Java. And then the second factory is Selalu Cinta Indonesia or SGI in Salatiga, Central Java.

This overwhelmed orders makes factories absorb more labor. To prevent labors from Covid-19, factory has to make rule about health protocol include downloading application PeduliLindungi. Ministry of Industry tries to prevent new clusters of Covid by monitoring these urgent factories.

This makes new hope for Indonesia to grow economy and public welfare again during Covid-19 pandemic since March 2020. Hope other companies and factories will get overwhelm order also to absorb more employers.

To get more information about this news, please check CNBC Indonesia (29/9) in Bahasa only.

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