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Indonesian Agriculture : Treasure From Tropical Land For The World

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Photo by Jason Cooper via Unsplash

Indonesian agriculture are present into various kinds. The spices for example, spices is the riches of Indonesia. There are ginger, turmeric, pepper, cinnamon, vanilla, cardanom, and so on. Everyone around the world hunts spices for meal or just increase their immune. In another, Indonesia has also kaffir lime leaves, wheat, and there are still many natural product what everyone also hunts them. But what makes all of them are grew in Indonesia?

Every spice at every place has different characteristics. For example, ginger and turmeric can grow at our yard so we can do that. But pulosari or Alyxia stellata grows at forest or wild field. Cardanom and cubeb is grown on Java Island. Cinnamon grows on Jambi, Sumatera Island. On Maluku, there is clove.

Indonesian agriculture is not only about spice. Indonesia is located between two continents (Asia and Australia) and two oceans (Indian and Pacific). Indonesia is also located on equator which gets sun every day. The rise of sun makes people can dry seawater into salt. Duration depends on how much and weather that time but it takes average 14 days. Salt is very important to prevent us from goiter.

Indonesian agriculture is also get benefit from volcanoes. Many volcano in almost all of islands in Indonesia and they still active. Although can damage citizens, these gives benefit for Indonesia. Volcano makes land around them become fertile. People can grow rice on foot of mountain for them or sell to everyone.

That’s why people around the world say that Indonesia is agricultrual country. These days, many factories made this on nanotechnology so we can buy it in ther form of powder. Hope Indonesia always produce natural resources to complete our needs. What is your favorite Indonesian products? If you like you can write on comment.

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